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Come out of your home or office to a dead car battery? Here’s how to jumpstart your car properly. If your car is repeatedly dying though, it’s time to replace your battery. Call Prairie Battery today in Winnipeg, Regina and … Continue reading

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As residents of Western Canada, we’ve all experienced times when someone needs a boost, or we need one ourselves.  Cold weather and long periods of darkness (meaning that when we leave the lights on, we leave them on for a … Continue reading

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As faithful Winnipeg auto enthusiasts heard this past Saturday, Prairie Battery President Peter Vander Linden joined Michael Clark and Kelly Taylor from The Road Trip on their AM680 CJOB broadcast. Peter and the boys discussed proper automotive battery care during … Continue reading

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As soon as the weather changes for the worse, you hear stories from colleagues about the battery in their vehicle failing to start. This is an inconvenience when you have to go to your neighbor to help start your vehicle … Continue reading

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