Prairie Battery sells industrial size forklift batteries for any make and model of forklift.


When you’re looking for a battery for a forklift or other industrial application, you want to deal with professionals who get it right the first time.


Forklift batteries are expensive, and you want to know that you’re covered should any issues arise. Crown batteries are backed by an industry leading 5 years FULL free replacement warranty, and we stand behind these batteries 100%.


Our factory trained technicians can solve any battery or charger related issue, minimizing your downtime, and keeping your machines in peak operating condition.


We keep the most common models in stock, so we can have them in your machine the same day.


Give us a call for a quote on a new forklift battery, and find out for yourself the difference that buying a quality battery can make.



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Prairie Battery offers Solar Power solutions for any size of application.


Are you fed up with the hustle and bustle of city life?


Sometimes you wanna go, “where nobody knows your name.” You, sir, need to get off the grid!


Everything you need to run electrical appliances in the unspoiled Canadian wilderness is available at your local Prairie Battery. Solar panels, controllers, inverters, batteries, and all the cables you will need to hook everything together.


With our comprehensive solar packages we can have you up and running on solar power in no time! Even though you already DO run on solar power….


Just like everything does.


If you think about it…


Give us a call to find out how we can make the SUN work for YOU!



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Prairie Battery now sells cell phone signal boosters.


Have you ever suffered from being “signal impaired”?


If you have, you know how frustrating it can be.


You’re desperately trying to reach your neighbor to ask them to turn off the stove you accidentally left on before it burns down your house.


You’re down to thefinal minutes in an online bidding war with ROCK-STAR69 for a used bumper car and you can’t get online to place a winning bid.


You just found out that Aaron Rodgers is injured 3 minutes before game time but there’s nothing you can do because you’re at the cabin and you just aint got the bars.


If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, then you my friend are in need of a signal booster.


Signal boosters amplify the strength of the cell tower signals to your phone making sure that your umbilical cord to the omnipresent hive mind is never severed.


So no matter where you are you’ll be able to share that sweet picture you just took of your kitty cat with all your buddies back at Firehouse #21.


Signal Boosters start at $181.62


Come check them out at Prairie Battery, and tell them ROCK-STAR69 sent you.




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As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to take the opportunity to wish our customers all the best for the new year and this important time together.

If you’ll allow us the opportunity to pun without a moan or groan, we’re going to be taking a break ourselves during the winter holidays so we can ‘recharge our batteries’ and come back fresh and ready for a new season ahead.

Prairie Battery’s three locations – Winnipeg, Brandon and Regina – will all be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Outside of these days, we’ll be in store ready to serve you. As we go into break though, we thought we would point you to some of the topics we discussed in the past for holiday power safety tips:

For more tips and tricks, stay tuned to the Prairie Battery’s blog in 2014.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Come out of your home or office to a dead car battery? Here’s how to jumpstart your car properly.

If your car is repeatedly dying though, it’s time to replace your battery. Call Prairie Battery today in Winnipeg, Regina and Brandon at 1-800-615-1116.

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Northstar car batteries from Prairie BatteryWe’ve all been there… sitting behind the wheel on a cold morning, turning the ignition key with the expectation that the car will start, and we’ll be on our way.  When the engine makes a half-hearted attempt to turn over, followed by a series of clicking noises or worse, no noise at all, our whole morning (and perhaps the rest of the day) is disrupted by the ripple effect.  If you’re lucky, you’ve got another way to work or a set of booster cables and access to a volunteer.

Why do car batteries die, and what can be done to prevent it?

First, make sure that your battery failure wasn’t caused by an error, like leaving lights on in the car that caused it to drain. Though there are plenty of mechanical failures that would cause the battery to discharge, one of the most likely causes of a battery that becomes discharged is simply the age of the battery.

Flooded lead acid batteries have been with us for a long time.  They’re reliable, but do have a limited lifespan, which varies widely from vehicle to vehicle, because each one will be subjected to very different conditions.

Age related failure is caused by battery sulphation, which happens when lead sulphate crystals form on the plates inside the battery.  This process is a slow one, with many of the crystals being reabsorbed into the electrolyte when the battery is charged, but eventually enough will build up to inhibit the battery’s performance, both in providing power and its ability to be recharged after use. If your battery is nearing or past the five-year mark, chances are you’re in line for failure caused by sulphation.

To know for sure, have the battery tested at a facility that can check it under load.  Simply metering the voltage will let you know if the battery is good right now, but only a thorough test of the battery in action can let you know of an impending failure.

Given our harsh prairie climate (batteries are very sensitive to temperature extremes) you should invest in a quality replacement.  When you suspect your car battery is nearing the end of its life, call on Prairie Battery. We can quickly test your battery, and if you need, provide a great replacement from our wide range of stocked products.  Prairie Battery has locations in Winnipeg, Brandon, and Regina, and we also do business online.  Contact us using our form, or call us Toll Free at 1-800-615-1176.

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Prairie Battery at MMMC

Corey Zacharias mans our booth at MMMC 2013

The week has flown by, but Prairie Battery is still going strong.

Today’s the final day of the Manitoba Mining and Minerals Conference, and with it will be that last chance for attendees to meet our power experts in this huge event.

The opportunity to network with our experts here is invaluable. From picking our brains to simple shop talk, this is one of the better opportunities to meet our experts and have a lengthy discussion about the service we can provide for your business.

If the opportunity doesn’t present itself to come by our booth, be sure to follow up with us online, or drop by one of our stores in Winnipeg, Brandon and Regina.

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Prairie Battery is heading out on the road for one of the biggest conventions in Manitoba.

This week marks the annual Manitoba Minerals and Mining Convention, starting this Wednesday (November 20) and running through Friday at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. This will be our first foray to MMMC and we’re looking forward to this opportunity.

Prairie Battery will have a booth at the show and we look forward to meeting with industry officials about the power we provide to Manitoba industries.

Whether you’re new to the Convention or are a long-tenured veteran, drop by our booth, or better yet, pre-arrange a time to meet by calling 204-633-3500.

See you at MMMC!

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As residents of Western Canada, we’ve all experienced times when someone needs a boost, or we need one ourselves.  Cold weather and long periods of darkness (meaning that when we leave the lights on, we leave them on for a looong time) mean that incidents of battery failure happen a lot more often in the winter.  Here’s how to properly boost a battery, minimizing the risk of a problem:

1)    Make sure that the battery isn’t frozen.  It’s unsafe to boost a frozen battery, so make sure that the contents inside are still liquid.  If you have doubts, pull off one of the caps and look for ice inside.  If the car cranks over at all, you’re probably fine.

2)    Ensure that your booster cables are in working order.  If the ends are coated in rust or dirt, clean them off with some sandpaper or a wire brush.  The same with the battery terminals on both cars (with the exception of the negative terminal on the dead one – more on this in a second).

3)    Identify the polarity of all the terminals.  Car batteries have positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.  Generally, red cables mean positive, and black mean negative, but best to check for symbols on the battery itself.  This is important, because crossing them can create a dangerous short circuit.

4)    Turn off both cars.  All the way – don’t leave accessory power on.

5)    Connect booster cables in the following order – the positive terminal on the battery to be booted, the positive terminal on the good battery – use the red booster cable.  Then use the black lead to connect the negative terminal on the good battery to a clean metal surface under the hood of the car to be boosted, away from the battery itself.  Never connect to the negative terminal directly.  As the last connection to be made, there is a chance that a spark will be created, and you don’t want to make a spark near a battery, because it can emit explosive gases.

6)    Start the “booster” car, and allow the engine to run for two or three minutes before attempting to start the other vehicle.

7)    To disconnect, reverse the order in which you connected the cables.  Allow the boosted vehicle to run for at least 20 minutes to get a charge into the battery.

If your battery has failed, or you’d like to have it checked, visit any one of Prairie Battery’s three locations, or call us toll-free at 1-800-615-1116.

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Batteries are awesome devices – they store a great deal of potential energy in chemical form, ready to be harnessed as electrical power by all sorts of devices.  Without battery power, we’d still be cranking our cars over by hand and carrying candle lanterns out to the shed to find things after dark.

Despite their widespread use, the proper handling of batteries of different types (especially in those instances when they don’t work exactly as expected) remains a mystery for many people.  The chemicals inside batteries can be both dangerous to humans and harmful to the environment.  You must take precautions to ensure you’re your personal safety is preserved and damage to your equipment is minimized, and that harmful chemicals and heavy metals are kept out of the world’s water supply.

Lead acid batteries are nearly 100% recyclable.  With flooded SLA batteries, a leak can be a problem, because the caustic acid they contain can cause burns, and the lead in the battery is a neurotoxin.  It’s against the law to put a lead aBattery in a landfill, so a leaking battery should be isolated in a leak-proof container with a lid) and shipped off for recycling. Contact your municipality for information about proper disposal of hazardous household waste.  Many newer lead acid batteries now use gels or absorbent glass mats to contain the acid, so a leak is far less likely.

Personal protective equipment in the form of goggles or a face shield, clothing that adequately covers the skin, and gloves should be worn when handling lead acid Batteries that have leaked.  Spilled acid can be neutralized with a base (baking powder or lime) for clean up.

Household alkaline batteries can leak if they’re left in a device too long, and damage it.  Most municipalities and many retailers have facilities for recycling these batteries, even if they have leaked.  Transport them individually wrapped in plastic, and be careful not to get any of the leaked electrolyte on your skin, as it can cause burns.  Liquid that’s leaked from an alkaline battery is a strong base, and can be neutralized with a household acid (like vinegar) for cleanup.

Other types of batteries (NiCad, NIMH, lithium, etc.) have special handling requirements.  When you are in doubt about the best way to deal with a battery that you suspect is leaking, contact the manufacturer, your local recycling centre, or experts like the staff at Prairie Battery to find out the best course of action.

If you have questions about batteries, you can call us. Prairie Battery has locations in Winnipeg, Brandon, and Regina, and we also do business online.  Call us Toll Free at 1-800-615-1176 or fill out our Contact Form here.

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